neomodernist summertime

Complexity is uncertainty, neomoderism is simple postmodernism

What are the lessons learned from the postmodern theoretical puzzlement? That sounds terribly abstract and some examples may help. Fit your round peg into theoretical square hole if you like.

postmodern puzzle

Good drawings are more accurate than photos. I am not asserting that innovative images can no longer attempt to introduce new paradigms, but what makes good art stems from that such innovations are less likely to catch on.

funny quotes about good memory

Every good painter paints what he is.

Jackson Pollock

How out of touch the art world is with reality? Art theory has to be easy to explain, easy to follow and intuitive, with some spark of irreverence.

What death of painting looks like? Picasso said his paintings were his autobiography. That's what you should learn to draw. I am interested in the art side of things, paradoxes are decidedly artsy.