Wabi-sabi does not look for perfection.

Artists who use visual metaphors, and graphic paintings do have a point.

red dress visual metaphor

Beauty of imperfection

What exactly are we looking for? Whether or not it is art or not-art, consider everything an experiment. I suspect that will reconcile some of the debates.

Take your time, look around. You can see beauty in a rust drip.

But for pictures, it’s just not enough to exist. Too much pictures gives you a really 2-dimensional outlook on life. Too much pictures drives out humor with humor.

Art as a source of comfort and resilience.

wabi sabi painting

There is no good reason to run an art website. Mercurial Neptune dissolves the barrier between abstraction and figuration, as well as evokes a constantly changing polymorphous world.

Raw emotion from our reptilian brain is the magic of art. The syntax of forms expresses an emotional charge and spiritual power independent of language.

Be an artist to capture the transient beauty of every day scene.

Time is running, King Neptune ponders the mercurial dynamics of transience and decay. We shouldn't be scared of rain and winds, we should be scared of perfect images.

These works enhance our sensitivity to the passage of time, locating personal experience within shared narratives.

All it takes is to allow for that little image to sail off into the oceans of the internet as a part of the postmodern floating world. The most invisible form of wasted time is doing a good job on an unimportant task.

How to limit art-related overthinking: Go on working, freely and furiously, and you will make progress.

Paul Gauguin, but it may be the essence of art.

slow learning tortoise

Taking small actions to begin solving problems, because smart drawings accept you as you are. 侘寂要很长时间学习 (Wabi-sabi takes a long time to learn).

The boundaries demarcating good art and shoddy stuff are chimerical. It's not a black and white thing, poetry make use of the ambiguity of languages, including the potential for mistranslations and misunderstandings of imperfect artworks.

A painting can be a whole day in a life.

Tobias Pils

black and white identity

Whether or not it is art, identity can be defined only through multiple images of self. Language and words matter: stop using 'perfection'.

The page’s conclusions might be “super obvious”, but they have important implications for pointless shallow sites: Silly imagination is not a joke. A decade today is not as long as it used to be.