Pointless websites have pictures the internet can't provide, because cyber art is a perception, lots of little things can add up to a big thing. Innovation and risk-taking are the new norms. Images on computers are strange things, no image is an island.

absurd cyber-art

Most notably, humorous pictures are organic, that is, they have qualities identical to those found in living systems: they adapt their size, position, color, strength, and direction.

Computer please give me proof that art exists

How the difference between art and nature is related to culture? "Online culture, is a culture of reaction without action", Jaron Lanier.

Good web art sites are created by aliens, in practice, theory is often different from practice. Anything worth picturing in life is worth getting more than one point of view. You might think: Does it really matter? Not here, where logic goes to die.

There are several characteristics of abstract humor that make it theoretically appealing. They must be getting close to some sort of understanding.

creativity and innovation hypothesizing

If you decide Art isn't your thing, you can completely remove it from your life by running the installer again with the "uninstall option".

racoon oilsticks

Every idiot academic is 100% certain they're part of the solution and not the problem.

Each pixel is happy to contribute to a tiny slice of the page. This is the information age, and pointless art sites know their information is worth something. So much writing on the Web lacks cohesion and focus. Each person who reads something can come to a completely different conclusion and thats the magic of it.

Good pictures are not waiting for instructions, but instead, figuring out what to do next. Naturally, the all-seeing eye of the internet usually finds these too.

Seth Godin

The internet wants neat, tidy pictures that fit into a memorable narrative. It is more than a challenge, it may well be an impossibility.

Humans tend to imitate others, and people want to help others in need. You are the web and the web art is more about a conversation. This shows how the sum of parts is always actually much greater than the whole.

Web art is blurring of the lines between fact and fiction

internet art shadow

There always should be a shifting version of an art website over time. Graphic arts often are visual arguments used for decorative purposes only. Some digital-world insiders opens a spacetime channel that enables a person to see aliens. The internet sees its shadow.

Pointless site: random exhibition title