Humor makes us all happy anyway, being silly does not need special knowledge.

Hope some of the pictures realize that they are just as human as the rest of us. Nonsense pictures with a sense of humor only matter. Smile and focus on the positive side of things.

Focusing on the positive side of things will give you more energy to live artsy without looking of a bit weird. A semantic link is a silly argument. never passed up a chance to wax eloquent at the internet.

Humor many forms

Drawing in perspective to expand your horizons.

Theory and fact are often completely different, plenty of abstraction and figures in theory, no abstraction and few figures in facts. Next, to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the dominance of humor and metacognition, we do art. Wax is waxing wroth.

smiling sense of humor

Humor comes in many forms. To establish a cause-and-effect relationship between a certificate of inauthenticity and pranky artworks a weird thing of art world.

Naive art visual humour

Does internet has a sense of humor? Remember, we are all made in naive art images, so what goes wrong ?

Does everything happen for a reason? Attractive pictures judge neither themselves nor others. It's like saying "live your life as if pictures don't exist". But you will see them, because the pictures don't know they don't exist.

Bad art put lives at risk, naive art save our lives.

Our societies toxic rules tell us that we should be able to say sorry and just go back to a clean slate. Routine makes up 4/5 of your entire life; everyday art helps.