kookiness quirkiness

Crazy art between kookiness and quirkiness

It is often our power to obtain an analogy, like contemporary equals insane art, were we cannot have an induction. Kookiness and quirkiness have a deep respect for the ancient history of archaeological sites and the ghosts and spirits that inhabit them. I'd eat my art if any of those findings could be reproduced.

moon rabbit

Moon rabbit. Why do goofy art happen to cranky artists? Transforming the uncanny familiar into strange paintings.

The marriage of text and illustration is a metaphor for the cooperation between brain and eye, in order to transform the uncanny familiar into something new and strange.

drawing of the unknown

Drawing of the unknown. How could this boring, noisy and confusing image appear in one of the world’s leading artsy journals? It’s a question which is regularly asked in the business world, but never answered. This drives me crazy. I’m a goofy piece of art myself in the universe of contemporary craziness.

art walk

There is no fixed definition for what randomness means in art, except an apparent form of madness for the crazy artist. Because I work in ancient places filled with ghosts, I have developed a reputation on this contemporary art world as someone who is not afraid of anything.