moon rabbit

Moon rabbit. Why do goofy art happen to cranky artists? Transforming the uncanny familiar into strange paintings.

The marriage of text and illustration is a metaphor for the cooperation between brain and eye, in order to transform the uncanny familiar into something new and strange.

Is making art objects regressive? Fine art marketing : selling critical images of radicalism to conservative art buyers is the daily business of contemporary art. The Veblen effect is named after the non-artist Thorstein Veblen, who first pointed out the concepts of being overrated but succesful.

As it turns out, the rich are drawn to exorbitant prices like moths to a flame.

art walk

There is no fixed definition for what randomness means in art, except an apparent form of madness for the crazy artist. Because I work in ancient places filled with ghosts, I have developed a reputation on this contemporary art world as someone who is not afraid of anything.

Where the pixel does not work with the horn, there is no art, the response has been crickets.

High positive energy is seductive

High positive energy is seductive. Money talks, the more, the louder.

It is often our power to obtain an analogy, like contemporary equals insane art, were we cannot have an induction. Kookiness and quirkiness have a deep respect for the ancient history of archaeological sites and the ghosts and spirits that inhabit them.

Many ink drawings are not black-and-white stories but rather result from the ineffable interval between words and images. method of intersecting the digital and physical realms.

art website

Art websites are such an amusing place to work if you are a picture. In others the opposite is true. The algorithmic landscapes of contemporary social worlds are in constant renegotiation, and can feel, at times, both gratifying and unsettling.