Boggart crossing warning sign

Boggart house spirit warning sign

Picture taken near Beijing (2013). To get beyond the concrete and literal, metaphors become so real.

We can't continue to have failures due to a lack of appreciation of picture heterogeneity.

Bad painting is some sort of miasma that might inadvertently envelope pictures unawares.

crazy boggart artist

Contemporary boggart could be wrong, but it can't be incoherent.

The problem of bad painting is a complete lack of lack of proper ethics and a lack of proper morals. We always look for a meaning to pay attention to aesthetics, because integrity is a kind of truth. Most artists believe in little green aliens.

experimental calligraphy, ancient egypt

Spirit of fish, experimental calligraphy, ancient egypt.

Hidden pictures adopted an anonymous mode of address, one in which the identity of the picture and the fishy viewer became secondary.

Pictures are attracted to the underground subculture of awkward artists and scientists.

drawing of birds childlike in the style of experimental printmaking

Installed side-by-side, the pictures speak to each other as two-sides of the same story.