Weird art is simply more interesting

Why artists are weird?

Hegel said in the 1820s that art was a thing of the past.

Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting life is: does anyone have any thoughts on solutions? Artists are not weird, they are eccentric.

The brain turns doodling everytimes we are too bored, and this is why nobody is bored when making basiliks that are beautiful and interesting. Art breaks the rules, imagination has no laws. It's not bizarre, it's animistic thinking from the tension between chance and purpose.

behind figural surrealism

Indian ink dooling over a text written by Picasso, the inner life of art.

Weird frogs are bizarre

"Weird is too easy, too obvious, too thin"

Hilland Cotter

the frog behind figural surrealism and magical realism

The frog behind figural surrealism and magical realism, it looks funny, but it looks funny on purpose.

Weird artists ship because only art may had save some artists from insanity. The problem is never how to get new thoughts into your mind, but how to get awkward ones out.

weird human figure at art class

Artists by nature are often solitary creatures. Doodling nurtures our need to get old thoughts out of our mind: be open to unsusal art forms, cute insects are friendly.

Rational beings called humans are capable of irrational actions, the right shoe for the job. Depicting humanity as being just like the animals.

absurd art is meaningful

Octopus and mermaid lost in their own internal worlds. Life without art is an octopus without a mermaid, at once highly intentional and wholly irreplicable. Art happens everywhere.

"As long as data scientists admit that they mostly just redo linear regression in weirder and weirder ways", and the craft of spells to become an artist. Undeniably silly drawings stress the need for an eccentric body of work in stress relieving art.

Cathy O'Neil

Absurdist humour would really challenge the dogma that nonsense is a type of wazzock talk.

Pictures don't want to create good art but to be images of themselves, all for differing ends. Depicting humanity as being just like the animals. In the artists eyes, we take what we need if need be.