invisible images

Art just needs a little elbow grease; imagination is a device that sees maple seeds as cute insects.

Uncertainties and ambiguities paint interior lives of others. Isolated artworks are in a grey zone between dead and live. Let not the perfect be the enemy of the greater good.

invisible pareidolia

1n the 1960s, formalism began to be challenged by postmodernism.

Invisible picture to make you smile.

Awesome artworks are invisible pictures to make you smile. Never jump to conclusions without checking, perception is not everything. Just see what you want to see, things other than flowers in the wallpaper.

inner lives of human beings

Websites artworks actually believed they were part of something more interesting than graphic design visitors see, art websites don't attempt to store immense amounts of unstructured information. However, making art about the inner lives of human beings is not always a managed process, tending to be messy, unpredictable and spontaneous.

rocks that look lifelike

Face of pareidolia

You see a face in a pattern on your carpet. The best things in life are the unseen things. Witty artworks want to be seen. Art gives us reasons to hope.

"We have a tremendous capacity to imbue even inanimate things with beliefs, desires, emotions, and consciousness".

Paul Bloom, Yale university

the future belongs to the curious

This results from your mind's innate desire for novelty. For millions of years, we evolved in an environment where conserving pursuing novel things was highly advantageous to our survival.

Each simple image is a narrative that tells a story to construct a whimsical world, full of absurdity and uncertainty.

sad happy pareidolia

Sadness is against energy toward creating art.

I want to have something much more solid than just a hypothesis, if you don't have evidence, why should I discuss it?.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Every living thing contains a spiritual force.

inner lives of human beings

Pictures are born free; and everywhere they are in chains.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau