street hazard signal

This puzzle provides opportunities for many street imaginary creatures discoveries in the years to come

Stave off potential predators. Pictures must be concrete to reclaim their ironic moments of heaviness. All spoke the same language, artists are mythmakers blurring the line between reality and representation.

Bizarre art wait at the door of the art gallery. In mythology, doors suggest the transition from one world to another; in psychoanalysis, they represent choices and decisions.

real neptune symbol

Only pictures changed the way we all think.

The ancient Greek god of the sea was unpredictable, almost always in motion, and dangerous.

Emotion and thought have imaged the structure of an enigmatic cluster of pixels.

what makes a painting memorable

Nothing has the right to exist unless it makes eccentric drawings. If you don't recognize the art style, you can't solve the problem.

Art is eloquent of the mode of life, watching as the shadows race through walls and cracks and leave no trace, forget to the flatness of collage paintings as metaphor of the hollow society and its superficial existence (it's remarkably well buried).

story to construct a whimsical world

Contemporary urban art is undeniably whimsical and not scared of what people think of it.

John F. Kennedy

The symbol of jealousy who run our art galeries dont understand art in underground artworks, neither outdoor art or the secret language of the city. So how does concrete art slip through the cracks for years?

Underground art should provide key information to show that it is on top of things, because short underground bugs are not small-minded.

Each enigmatic ant balances between abstract humor and digital subculture

Art is just a thought. Often enough, I find, an artist wanders off and writes crazy pages about the solution to the optical illusion of contemporary art. Frequent fallacies continue to thrive, including the use of correlation to capture causal relationships.

“The reader should be warned, however, that not all intuitions developed in spaces of low dimensionality will generalize to spaces of many dimensions.”

Christopher M. Bishop

Abstract art is dull, Extra dimensions in life is what does figurative art represents. Something preposterous is turned the wrong way. It puts up front what belongs in the back. That's the definition of fun art.

art is a dangerous business

A painting is an organized whole, a set of relations between forms, lines, and colored surfaces on which the meanings that one attributes to it are made or unmade.

Gérard Schneider, Entretiens sur l’Art abstrait, Pierre Cailler, 1964.

In the second decade of the 20th century, abstraction became the holy grail of modern art.

Roberta Smith

What kinds of abstractions are formed by deep networks, and how can we reason with these abstractions and combine them?

correlation is not causation

Abstract art began when you don't know for sure if it's a rhino, a parrot or an ant. Hard to be sure what abstract art is anymore. Feeling and Thinking: Preferences Need No Inferences : emotion is a different kettle of fish than logical thinking, everything has a cause.

Obviously the sum of all the fractional parts of the picture is unity.

make me smile

I sent the model to the drawing room to make a picture of her, and she has turned out to be nothing but a damned image.

Humor is not a purely a visual artist, quirkiness is a fact of life.

funny rabbit, slow art

Our happiest drawings are mixed with sadness, but slow art make us all happy anyway.

Very abstract art acknowledges its own failure to accomplish anything meaningful: that just shows visitors how clueless abstract art is.

Neomodernism acknowledges the trickiness of such situations, ideas have value as art, fantastic is hallucinatory.

Alan Hajek, You can see beauty in a rust drip.