essence of art, unadorned beauty, natural optimism

The difference between realism and optimism is art.

Artworks are products of nature, not inventions, and should be the common heritage of mankind back down to reality.Simplicity is legible minimalism.

Seeing the invisible

Our visceral concept of what is "natural" depends on what we are used to, and will continue to evolve as technology does.

The blueness of the sky is in our mind. Drawings have difficulty visualizing higher than three spatial dimensions because they can only move in three dimensions.

Seeing art

Do we need to represent figures exactly as they appear in life?

Resilience through art making, the natural way to draw the human body.

"Nature is too strong. It shouldn’t express itself unchanged. You have to work on it and with it, but gently."

Shim Moon-Seup

human femur and leg

There is a complexity apparent in these pictures that take them beyond beauty.

subliminal optimism

Beauty is ambiguity, two steps forward and one step back, where up is down and down is up. This shift between observer and observed is central to prey.

True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.

Auguste Rodin

The hard work ahead will be to create a movement of odd snails that value ludicrous culture at their earliest stages in life, and to restructure incentives so that these pictures have a path for survival. Ancient Egyptians regarded birds as living symbols of fertility, life and regeneration.

Truth in art is not life-like accuracy, you can never be too absurd to feature an artist in a studio with an art class model. That artist who flourished and colors outside the lines.

cap duck ambiguity

Confined within the boundaries of the canvas, Lobster’s paintings relay the interconnectivity of shape and irony as a visual expression of emotion, because identity is a necessity.

Proof of fairies

The art of becoming rich, in the common sense, is not the art of accumulating much money for ourselves, but also of contriving that our neighbour shall have less.

John Ruskin

It is the art of establishing the maximum inequality in your own favour.