dirty artistic authority

Artistic authority.

Artist focused on a limited set of colors and have thus provided a constrained view of the mutational vissual spectrum unrelated to visual economy in art or minimalism. I should have recognized this feeling as a telltale symptom.

figure of artistic authority

Are folk tales real or fake? The figure of artistic authority simply wanted to know the answer. Determined to find an iron law of nature that would shed light on the overall dynamics of beautiful objects. You have to look deeper than the surface and possibly be faced with a different outcome than you expected.

dirty art

Art begins when a person expresses his feeling by external indications, and ignores all the glossy, mass-marketed, impersonal imagery of the 21st century.

learn everything you can

Be a sponge and learn everything you can.

The very perception of what rules of art really are has been lost between art and life. The funny, lively, involved and generous lizard blurs our binary sense of the world.

Since 2018, Antoine Roegiers has been reflecting and working on a “visual narrative” project: a series of paintings which together tell a single story over several years. Humour, solemnity and poetry rub shoulders, offering us food for thought about today’s world as well as the chance to laugh at ourselves.s

We feel stuck in dead end jobs. To want is to be able, you have to think.