Photo vs drawing

Harmony of coloring is destructive of is like the smile of a fool.

William Blake

The color temperature paradox is that high color temperatures are cool colors, while low color temperatures are the warm colors.

Definition of color temperature : the color temperature of a light is the temperature at which the artist would emit radiant energy competent to evoke a color of the same painting tube. You want to understand, but this is art humor, you know. Photo vs painting.

The color paradox

What color is chartreuse?

Chartreuse color is a Sargassian green-blue in order to be visualized as a more genuine green-blue light.

contemporary art

What color is bisque?

Bisque color is a culinary name for the tasty yellow-orange scampi soup.

representation warm or cool colored?

Warm or cool colored?

"I paint what I cant photograph."

Amalia Avia

wholesome things concerned only with surface colour

Value describes the brightness of color. Why does it matter?

White color is the color of light art, not shallow art that is dull, and reflects urban sensitivity.

The color temperature paradox is white.

happiness and sadness breed art

Meaningful arguments are simple, happiness and sadness breed art.

The more you understand the color paradox, the less you see the picture in quiet desperation.

The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say