What it means to be a successful human? Somewhere everybody is an artist and good old graphics always win.

drawing people theory

The subject of drawing is drawing itself, not theories that you would never hang on your walls.

Drawing cleans things. Art is not about accuracy or skill, it's about ourself and everything and nothing. Artworks which are committed to the materiality of paper and pencil.

Monkey drawing for contemporary issues

"In physics as in painting, surrealism denies the possibility of a description which does not carry explicitly the stamp of the observer"

"Common sense" drawings are often horribly wrong and feed anti-art movements

With this very contemporary work, monkeys intention is the marriage of zoology with mysticism.

Surrealism was less about anti-art, and more about creating an art from the unconscious. For many art theorists, the labeling of drawings or paintings as postmodern has negative connotations that imply nihilism at best.

André Breton,because imagination is art

Keep it simple. If it gets complicated it isn't going to work.

Every drawing tells you something different for insight into what human beings really are. Three dimensional scene placed on two dimensional surface means that one dimension may be missing. Modern thought has re-oriented itself around visual paradigms.

Man Ray, JWTM

simple nude

Confusing luck with skill is a good start for the worst postmodernist website.

Good old drawings know how to draw people. Hand-drawing is more realistic than photography, good old drawings win again. A nostalgia-laden venture into the swamps of 19th-century academic art.

Keep it simple. If it gets complicated it isn't going to work.

Skill alone don't make a picture. Sincerely simple things make painterly paintings.

Just because you can't see the arwork doesn't mean the drawing doesn't see you. Witty art is computationally intractable.

happy mandrake

Even if you are not making controversial drawings, you find new crazy challenges and new cool directions you can to go in. Mandrakes are largely the 'root' of the problem they think.

transcendent power of art

Art is not about accuracy, it's about everything and nothing.