postmodern expressionism

Ambiguity and inconsistency of postmodernism was making formalism an abstract painting.

Influenced by other painters, Edmond Gonfalon focuses on the process of painting itself with unerring instinct. Inspired by other pictures, postmodern paintings are always trying to capture their own identities.

Each simple image is a narrative that tells a story full of absurdity and uncertainty, knowing that large language models do know some things. The materials were arranged directly on the ground, with a plainness and Pythagorean purity that brought to mind cairns or sacred tessellation.


Ink-blots and ink spills are real pictures of Magdalene because words are not sufficient to bring life. Realistic skepticisms about -isms in postmodernism foster playfulness in art.

contemporary postmodernism

So what is another definition of the aesthetic issues central to neomodernist artists without using the terms postmodern art or postmodernism to mean a rejection of too much rationalism. Art theory has to be easy to explain.

It is important to remember that a picture is only as good as the playfulness on which it is based. The idea of those postmodernist art works conspiring should have been funny, but none of us laughed.

imaginative design of what is regarded as normality and everyday life. Artists have every right to make middle-of-the-road views on controversial issues such as contemporary primitive art.

with unerring instinct

"Painting has always been the fetish medium of art history."

W. J. T. Mitchell

How out of touch the art world is with reality? Now you get to see how big it is. When the bird and the book disagree, believe the bird.

John James Audubon

king neptune postmodern

Postmodern expressionism

The brain is deeper than the sea. Go on working, freely and furiously, and you will make progress (Paul Gauguin).

The true identity of puzzle pieces isn't always what we first expect them to be. Contemporary theories think irony orchestrate this art dance. This is one of the key characteristics of the postmodern reality.

hypermodernism paradigm of art history

The cornerstone of post modern structural theory is the ironic-skeptical paradigm, according to which an artwork's function depends on its folding into an inexorable art market structure.

The perfect is the enemy of the good

The public input and checks and balances upon further checks and balances are demanded by the gallery owners who then wonder why nothing gets done. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

Not-to-be-eaten artworks have long been dismissed as curiosities. You can't kill what has already died. Beware artsy fairies from a museum in the making.

Edmond Gonfalon unerring instinct

A cursory and unscientific perusal of art history demonstrates that splattering without any forethought is not all that is ever required, but there is so much fun doing it because art is a chaotic mess.