purpose of art to fix things

What is the purpose of art?

The purpose of art is to fix things that aren't broken, unattractive works. The purpose of art is to encode reality and communicate useless observations. Art theories have captured it in a real definition.

Art is about the pursuit of engaging visual analogies, that is visual humor.

Feelings and emotions have a purpose

Art rules aim at fixing too eccentric artworks.

Sometimes art is done for its own sake, Art for art's sake, but it’s often done for a purpose. All feelings and emotions have a purpose and a use.

Living without intersections of science and art make life pointless.

what is the purpose of arts?

Friday art.

Images who defied categorization such as lanky-neo-naturalism.

As already noted, art is black and white; black won yesterday. There is no future in the past.

Aimless art is the ultimate paradox in the culture of our time. The silly theorist may never be able to decipher the message of this product of the artistic mind, because too much artspeak translates as not enough images. Art by a particular mathematician artist is so variable. Perfectionists get easily distracted in the detail and lose sight of the big picture.