purpose of art

What is the purpose of art?

The purpose of art is to fix sublimated desires.

Toggling between the absurd and banal, the purpose of art is to fix things that aren't broken, unattractive works. I don’t see the works as a problem. The purpose of art is to encode reality and communicate useless observations.

Art is about the pursuit of engaging visual analogies. Perfectionists get easily distracted in the detail and lose sight of the big picture.

"All anyone in this generation wants is security, what will happen to the world if nobody is willing to risk that security to gain the big things?"

Joan Didion

Be patient, be honest. Keep learning.

Art for art's sake

Art rules aim at fixing too eccentric artworks, since complexity produced enigmatic sculpture.

Sometimes art is done for its own sake, Art for art's sake, but it's often done for a purpose. All feelings and emotions have a purpose and a use.

Living without intersections of science and art make life pointless.

purple ink purpose of art

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

Artworks have some interest in the notion of re-purposing, because empty brains are the devil's shop.

Art is about having an easy time on zestfully things, furnishing strange ideas for neuronal needs, drawing funny complicated things.

Postcard story

Elf have innate ability to draw.

Significant artworks have little to no goals aside from being a significant drawing. The lines of fact and fiction continue to be blurred by witty things seen as meaningful artworks because we recognize them as such and this has led to much hilarity down the years.

Art for art's sake

Aimless art is the ultimate paradox in the culture of our time. The silly theorist may never be able to decipher the message of this product of the artistic mind, because too much artspeak translates as not enough images.

As already noted, art is black and white; black won yesterday.

sail metaphor

The purpose of the picture is part of the riddle, art theories have captured it in a real definition. Picture helping me navigate difficult times, sailing away from the safe harbor, because words are but wind and what will happen to the world if nobody is willing to risk that security to gain the big things?

Hermit Crabby once again disrupting the traditionally static relationship between artwork and viewer by drawing attention to a symbol that, while habitually considered purely functional, maintains a rich symbolic history. Artists have disparate ideas about which aesthetics are trending online. If they can agree on one thing, however, it seems to be that artists are responding to or against the figurative mode that has, for nearly a decade, dominated contemporary art discourse.

Understanding structures, whether material or abstract, visible or hidden, that characterize the natural world is the ultimate goal of art. The purpose of computing is like the purpose of art: insight, not numbers, nor colors.

We shouldn’t be erasing history, we should be learning from it.


I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me.

Henri Matisse