Art and Science Paradigms, Imagination is life

People form abstract representations of the environment, seeing the progression of mountain goats as a series of jumps rather than gradual advance. with a perception of the world's hidden connections.

Thomas Kuhn, Imagination is life

Paradigm shifts

Paradigm shift, in color because most-famous pictures are almost invisible in the internet. Sooner or later, a point of view becomes its own world. Good pictures highlight essential breaches of logic and inconsistency in scientific understanding because awesome artworks don't want to work at a place that says they can't think.

“When I was educated as a physicist, I was told when you have a model and it doesn’t agree with the data, it means you have to revise your model,”

There is an awful lot of rationalizing going on for art theory and an abstraction however is never really abstract. The magical belief is not difficult to detect in popular culture. If space does not have extra dimensions, underground art is important, including time dimension in space. Never too old to learn.

male linear art

Linear art forms is the possibility of structure

Making artworks amplifies whoever you are, even if you are the duck rabbit or Ludwig Wittgenstein. Like windows looking into unknown realms, linear art forms question time, place, and a human’s vantage point within it all.

sad art has no purpose other than itself

Paradigms serves no purpose, art has no purpose other than itself.

Artistic paradigms have no purpose in life, however when you change the way you look at pictures, the images you look at change. A new chicken-and-egg dilemma has emerged as more pages keep their own paradoxes. Oddly enough, all pictures think they are theoretically important.

paradigm shift bug

French people walk everywhere, and they enjoy it. There is a word for this in French. It’s called flâner. As Duolingo explains, Flâner means “to sort of stroll, but without a destination, observing what’s around you, and questioning, pondering, considering the world and your place in it.”

Nowadays, outdoor art tends to be neither confrontational nor necessarily intellectually challenging, and certainly not overtly political.

paradigm shift

There are all kinds of interesting questions that come from a knowledge of science, which only adds to the excitement and mystery and awe of a flower, some art paradox.

“In its dissatisfaction with ordinary experience, the impoverished reality of present-day society, an abstract painting stands as a challenge to disorder and disintegration. Its activity implies a conviction of something constructive in our own time.”

The Selected Writings of Ad Reinhardt

causal complexity

Science is strikingly inventive and introduce an exciting new direction in art. Howard Cerithium’s visions of chaos seem the result of pure intuition. Doodles has been generally neglected as a field of research.

Pictures never lost their sense of humour, even in the wilderness. Remembering the distinction between "eccentric" and "progressive" can be made in obscure institutions in every corner of the world.