Dispersal of desire within urban life, working together in a secretive art cabal.

To live in a densely populated environment is to be on view while viewing others; to exchange intimate moments with strangers.

Off-the-wall graffiti working together, Concrete jungle art is eloquent of the mode of life, introducing discordant subversive elements. No image likes to talk about their pixel movements. Recalling memories are often blended with narcisism and silly creatures.

silly mermaids are part of guerilla art

Is there a mermaid spell that actually works?

The glorification of the superficiality is not the triumph of the artificiality. The sub-genres of collage paintings, art gluing, crazy drawing, silly performance and aesthetic strategy all have their own thought-leaders.

Off-the-wall ideas

The only copper etching print like this being taken seriously would be in a crazy artsy type of way.

If you can't see the writing on the wall, all pictures work together in a secretive artsy cabal dedicated to ruining the urban landscapes with humorous artworks. Foisting whimsical ideas onto impressionable opinion leaders.

This picture adds a new twist to the question of whether or not it's art.

Superficiality is not artificiality: contemporary art business has the quirky character that it is a game without a winner, just plenty of losers.

The cartoonish display of graffiti stems from fascination with absurdist drawing ideas.

Full art without circle reasonning at the intersection of life and art. If you are willing to reveal yourself honestly in your work, you are stripping off your mask without people thinking you are nuts.

urban art mermaid

The experience of looking and being looked at. Wall painting reproduces the experience of intimacy at a distance that is a hallmark of city dwelling.

Wall painting as a medium has its origins in the very earliest history of graffiti from the caves of Lascaux to art's impenetrability as "nothing but propaganda". Everything you see becomes a silly art project in your mind.

Julian Stallabrass