The most difficult problem in genetics

And the noble, seminal switch is a stuttering candle.

Interestingly, the genealogical view appears to have the potential to shed light on the difficult problem of distinguishing between background selection and hitchhiking. Real life problems are complex and difficult.

Art death crossing the Mara river

Art death crossing Mara river showing the high medieval obsession with beauty and death.

Is this the way the art world ends? Why ideas that spawn other artworks are called seminal if they are made from nothing ?

"Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas"

Is postmodernism dead

Is postmodernism dead? Postmodernism has lost its value in part because it has oversaturated the art market.

An advantage of bad art: your relatives gain nothing by your death. Micromort is a unit of risk equivalent to a one-in-a-million chance of death.

Theodor Adorno, "Good art is reduced to memento mori in museums".

The quest for universal hanted houses

The skeletal figure of Death is important in the medieval danse macabre. Because a good artist is a dead artist, haunted art galleries are places where everyone there should be dead. In other words, the dead don't bury themselves. But clearly they don't excavate themselves either.

If you want something, work for it. Life is to short to wish for things. Your art may be perfect, but if it did not ship, it might as well not exist. Whatever float your boat, human destiny always end in a box.

"De mortuis, aut bene aut nihil"

Should art be free?

The only way pictures will survive in a socially connected environment is to follow a new set of rules and be transparent.

art is life

Art is life

Handmade artworks are an important part of digital culture. Good pictures thrive unpredictably, with an engagement with the present and future.

Fernando Pessoa:"Things have no meaning: they exist, and their existence is their meaning"

Art is very powerful in that it can communicate strong ideas, emotions and extraterrestrial counsels via meditation. Sublime images are living in a bubble.

useful symmetry

It is one of the superficialities of our time to see in science and in art two opposites, imagination is the mother of both.

Predicting the present

All art is contemporary

Maurizio Nannucci, Berlin. You have got better things to do. Gravity is a recipe for disaster.

Scientists become famous, much like artists, based on their visions. A peacock with a bunch of dull, short feathers might live longer.

Rich Goldn, Vine drawings are botanical symbols concealing what should be seen, or not.

I’ve always been interested in exploring the moment where the conditional relationship of part to whole breaks down.

What should be seen, or not.

Art websites are such an amusing place to work if you are a picture.

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