Art does not require an explanation.

All art is but a dream with an explanation, because we share the same body.

how do ants sleep ?

The algorithm didn't like my drawing.

What's the mystery?

What I dream ?

You are sleeping. For the pink nights i cant remember, there are no hope for it. Orange and yellow cats dream, by design, do their best to devour any evidence of their existence. This hold for any other variation of coat color in cats.

The theories on why we dream say that dreaming is not compulsory... neither is survival.

When art theory tells us one explanation, but our emotional instincts tell us another feeling, the final image can feel very wrong.

Like art, dreams are fantastically strange.

An obstacle is for the artist to figure out how to take dreams out of Freudian explanations

Sleep, like drawing, seems to accommodate nonurgent memory processing, enabling the brain to operate efficiently at all times.

Edgar Allan Poe

Dreaming is the sensible face of nonurgent memory cleaning. The dream-like project has been accepted wholehartedly.

Our uncompromisingly idealistic brain is free to operate efficiently at all times.

Sigmund Freud