The purpose of the picture is part of the riddle, you will never know unless you go.

What is the difference between art and nature

What is the difference between art and nature? Information in this page is fact checked. However, we are only half-human and are prone to make mistakes. Behavior is easily affected by seemingly irrelevant factors.

Art is not the thing itself. Smart artworks are branching out and blurring the lines between their goals.

symbol for everything is connected.gif

What is the meaning of everything? I was falling into the trap of searching for meaning.

If you believe in some pattern, you have to stick to it.

symbols of truth

The quest for universal truths expressed using the predominance of line. But the line did not discover the secret to intellectual curiosity.

symbols and pictograms

Pictures must accept themselves as they are.

It is not titles that make famous artists, but famous artists who make titles illustrious.

Niccolo Machiavelli, Perception is reality.

How does culture influence art?

The world in our heads is not a precise replica of reality

Daniel Kahneman

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every hypothesis now accepted was once eccentric.

ghost houses

Information on where to place your backyard ghost shelter: ghost houses provide the necessary shelter to keep the beneficial ghosts around.

Do spirits exist in the contemporary art world? The encoding of reality is a mental process.

I don't understand the metaphor, or let's call it a parable.

Symbol for complexity

Very often, the creative thinking of artists takes precedence over sanity. The power of simplicity is a myth.

To the artist who does not know where we wants to draw there is no favorable wind.

Art is a signalling system using patterns and pattern recognition for human communication.