dada is anti-art

Dada reflecting life or life reflecting dada? That’s what it takes to create a real strategy. Ignorant images know how to make good paintings from bad art. The artist has the choice to either ride the horse in the same direction, or go another way.

automatic art

What is the ultimate purpose of art? Asking the right question about the marriage of nonsense dadaism and automatic art is the hardest part of data analysis.

Absurdist humor rejects aesthetics of logic and reason, aesthetics however has nothing to do with logic, in order to pronounce the futile nature of existence.

dada is not anti-art

In the majority of algebraic art computation systems, a small number of pictures do most of the work. That's totally unfair. Given this unusual distribution of effort, we need to improve our understanding of how to maximize the total effort that ludicrous images contribute to projects. They are also surprisingly diverse.

dada is anti-art

Any element of DNA art requires the viewer to decide on its meaning, beautiful or scary.

marinetti futurist

Theory still leave us with the system represented as a mixture of various possibilities, with some combination of chance and funny choices. The Dadaist movement used deliberately outrageous tactics to disrupt the traditions of art.

Tristan Tzara, Dada is preposterously dead

The millipede is known for its paintings, drawings and etchings that oscillate between abstraction and figuration. Dadaism pervasive legacy is one of freedom, irreverence and experimentation, art could be made from anything.