There is no good reason to paint

What is nihilism ?

Nothing is real, but the physical beauty of drawing paper.

Nothing is perfect, but dull uninteresting colored pictures.

Nothing is forever, but ephemeral art.

Nothing is impossible for an avant-garde artist seeking to press back the limits of awkward art,

Nothing is for free, but the beauty of everyday things.

Knowledge discovery is surreptitious, with long stretches of nothing and sudden bursts of breakthrough discoveries.

Jerry Lofti

The aesthetic experience is a myth

The aesthetic attitude is a myth. It is scary how much art is wasted in a nihilistic epoch.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Nihilism is a belief in the nonexistence of truth in art, not thinking that special pictures are hidden in common places.

Søren Kierkegaard, "In modernity, every squadoosh art knows its own inadequacy"

Nothing is impossible for anti-art

A little more on the edge than sloth drawings. Art stars seem to pop up and disappear over night.

Jean Baudrillard, Art is the proof of the non-existence of nihilism because Santa does not exist