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How cool drawing make the world a better place? Beware the beginning.

Good art speaks a foreign tongue that it makes you long to understand, however untranslatable its serpentine turns of phrase and idiosyncratic idioms may seem, meaning slipping away like a greased pig through a farm boy's arms. When you look at it, it looks back at you. Art makes reality visible. Lets make the world a better place.

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How to make the world a better place? Pitting the triumph of humankind against bad luck at the mercy unseen elements of the universe. Human creativity lies at the juncture of all the great philosophical issues.

What is life without art?
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Witty art making life fun

The human mind must think with the aid of categories; Once formed, categories are the basis for normal prejudgment. We cannot possibly avoid this process. Orderly living depends upon it. ("The Normality of Prejudgment", Allport, p.20).

By relying on luck or chance, the "dada" artists were stressing the pointlessness of their actions, and their absence of intentionality thereby laying claim to an unfettered and risk-taking attitude.

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Art sites do much more than hang art on the screen, their images help to discover moments of unexpected poetry.

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Even if you are not making controversial drawings, you find new crazy challenges and new cool directions you can to go in. Every eccentric picture displayed in an alternative art museum aims to be an image. Naturalism picturing subjects as they appear in every day life, is one of the after-death lives of realism.

That DNA art system constantly needs to be fueled, even from its beginnings, by what is outside of it, That is the way it works.

Interesting pictures are everywhere but rarely in Art Museum.

It's impolite not to judge art by appearances.

Justin Paton, Death of certainty

Ethics and aesthetics are one and the same for art.

Ludwig Wittgenstein - Tractatus Logico-philosophicus

crazy drawing ideas

"There is simply no getting around the dialectics of life and death, desire and aggression, in the fundamental ontology of the image where art meets silliness".

Naturalism picturing subjects as they appear in every day life is one of the after-death lives of realism.

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Interesting artworks are born bizarre, precisely because they are less learning through imitation. The superflat surfaces are created through a combination of precise brushwork and bamboo pen inking.

“Imitations are of two kinds; one of Nature, one of Authors; The first we call Originals, and confine the term Imitation to the second.”

Conjectures on Original Composition (p. 9), 1759 essay by Edward Young

Definitions of art kill the fun in contemporary art.

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It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

We will always be connected to our roots. Our pasts define us.