stupid drawing

Convinced that animals had souls, Rosa Bonheur often portrayed them staring straight at the viewer, as if they were human.

There is no art without laziness, surprising in its un-subject matter.

marriage of postmodernism with mysticism

Humorous art blessing union of idealism and realism and the marriage of postmodernism with mysticism.

By definition, bizarre, dadaist comedy is what moves human beings, one's reality is not the same as another. Bad art is used to make a mountain out of a molehill.

stupid drawing

"Art affects the senses or emotions" is the most stupid quote about art.

Sincerely simple things bring idealist painterly paintings to life, each simple image is a narrative that tells a story to construct a whimsical world, full of absurdity and uncertainty. Skill alone don't make a witty picture.

stupid drawing

Looking for making art? Witticism make possible unicorn sightings.

Pictures landed on this site for a better life and their share of the art dream.

stupid drawing

Art does not set out to be a riddle.

I called this idea the central dogma.

Francis Crick

Drawing seriously ultimately lead nowhere, because art must make people optimistic about their future.

stupid drawing

Bottom line: Maybe drawing saved my life. How do you know?

Humor is an humorous phenomenon, probably explaining why scores of deep thinkers have had theories of humor.

dumb and stupid

Bottom line — we have to reset our expectations on what constitutes a good life. This was thought to give the internet the power to ward off house spirits.

Never ends with the representation of the unrepresentable.