figurative and abstract

Life is unpredictable, serious art is doomed to fail, humor is fluid as chinese ink.

Being seen is an end by itself, each picture is a narrative that tells a story, visibility is dangerous.

happy cleopatra

Dare to fail, dare to be wrong. No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back.

Adapt or die, that's where making art is. I'm pretty sure this graphic novel would benefit greatly from more cross pollination from other fields.

ladybug metaphor

Clothing can serve as decoration for the body. Irony is a form of passive-aggressive envy. Frequently life is not fair. Unadorned art can represent an unexpected and possibly significant change in this very bottom line.

Why art is important in life?

Sgraffito scratches my back.

On the front lines of the fight against the fragility of art, waxoil protects artworks against everyday wear and tear.

the power of images

Anxious limpets’s deeply resonant compositions insist on the power of images to simultaneously reveal and withhold meaning between the craft of humor and the fragility of life.

balance between composition and turmoil

Pictures usually hate the feeling of emptiness because pictures' goal in life is the filling of emptiness.

Cap duck’s creative process is sometimes one of incremental figuration and sometimes one of abstraction, with different starting points but the same destination. Its aim is to make work that self-consciously functions as both figurative and abstract at the same time.

Cap duck makes abstract paintings. Or maybe it makes figurative paintings.

But it's all an illusion. They're like abstract paintings running on a wheel.

Painting is a way of being

Too many pixels spoil the broth. We become scientists because we are curious.

Painting is a way of being.

Jackson Pollock

poetic enigma

Every printer is connected to the generations of printers who preceded him or her, straight back to the inventor of the European printing press.