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The subject of drawing is drawing itself, a metaphor for life’s intensity and transience.

Art is something inside of you, waiting to get out, crazy as an artistic statement. The time the paper spends consuming the arts looks awesome to the artist.

What art has in common with logic and mathematics is that art is a tautology. The art idea and artwork are the same. Both can be appreciated as themselves without going outside the context of the gallery or the museum for verification.

A single artistic hotbed disproves infinity, open science widens the net.

analogous drawing

Art is not in the box, interesting art is in the gap. Be an outsider.

"Increments are the forms I understand, and repeating and expanding them to create systems and structures are acts of ritual."

Tracy Heneberger

analogous etching

To those art-world people who do not think out of the playful art box. Although I had all my ducks in a row for early retirement, I would have worked longer as I was fortunate to be working for a goal.

analogous art

Postmodern natural magic: That's how fine art works, you base proof upon proof. We have to be careful about confusing cause and effect.

Art should be about nothing, said the easel weasel, weaving a tapestry of emotions and thoughts that are at once deeply personal and universally resonant.

The meaning of any situation is found in the frame within which we view the picture.

For the proof, it is a luxury to be understood, because artspeak is a closed system of self-referential language peppered with fanciful cloudy and mysterious words.

visual analogy

There's something magic about artistic logic, but remember magicians are a deceitful lot, don't trust them. Good pictures remain more or less a closed book. Otherwise, obviousness rules the day here. Widening the appeal of arts writing is the goal. As an artist I am thrilled to see coverage of alternative art viewing spaces.

How to escape reality when reality kills? Painting to blur the boundaries between observed and imagined realities.

What exactly, Cornejo wondered, was she getting the award for? Proving you could refuse to play the game and still survive? The deeper the pit you're falling into, the more chance you have to learn how to fly. She wanted even less to be a cog in a machine.

Independence Fortifies a Survivor

artists visual metaphor

The artist's morality lies in the force and truth of his description.

Jules Barbey D'Aurevilly, the bicycle for the mind that Steve Jobs envisioned as a Macintosh computer as an analogy played a dynamic role in shaping the world around us.

Proof by analogy is fraud

It is a nice naive concept which perhaps can be made into a rigorous theory. Art being only our ignorance of real causes, whether mermaids exist or not, art rules such as ideal body proportion would remain arbitrary.

A comprehensible proof is not necessarily the shortest one, but a proof of small width.

Alexandre Borovik