Greek myth of Persephone

Persephone uses mythology and history painting as a tool to represents the rejuvenation of the tree of life.

The Greek myth narrates Persephone's abduction by Hades into the underworld. The tree of life grew, its branches stretching toward complexity. Persephone ultimately seizes command of her destiny and assumes the role of the underworld queen. More than one reality certainly exists in otherworlds. Persephone's journey signifies a descent into the somber aspects of life such as darkness, winter, and mortality, while her emergence back to the surface represents the rebirth, growth, and rejuvenation of spring.

Odd images never show crises of confidence in bizarre. Absurd artworks should be understood in terms of their underlying mental processes.

remaining unapologetically optimistic

Life isn't weird, it's just the people in it at the arrival of spring.

The benefits of making pictures are never all or nothing, Persephone said, but instead exist on a continuum.

Being able to feel, express and (where necessary) control your emotions will contribute hugely to your life, what you experience may not exist.

Persephone questions why certain visual languages attain recognition and value.

weird museum

So much drawing today is animation and the Internet. The picture went against conventions at a very young age and left its comfort zone.;

Brett Littman, NYT

We think there is a life art gene in every viewer, and at the origin of a commitment to ‘going further’ in both art and life.

quirky bizarre

Everyone knows what that a neural picture is supposed to look like, because the miscellaneous imaginarium of culture is terribly quirky.

quirky bizarre

We artists are mythmakers, and we participate with everybody else in the social construction of reality.

Helen Mayer Harrison