mythology utterly timeless

Persephone uses mythology as a tool to represents the rejuvenation of the tree of life.

Art is a revolt against fate.

Andre Malraux, utterly timeless.

Persephone captures the fleeting nature of our existence.

Unseen images are familiar. The Greek myth narrates Persephone's abduction by Hades into the underworld. The tree of life grew, its branches stretching toward complexity. Persephone ultimately seizes command of her destiny and assumes the role of the underworld queen. More than one reality certainly exists in otherworlds. Persephone's journey signifies a descent into the somber aspects of life such as winter and mortality, while her emergence back to the surface represents the rebirth, growth, and rejuvenation of spring.

Being able to feel, express and (where necessary) control your emotions will contribute hugely to your life, what you experience may not exist.

Persephone questions why certain visual languages attain recognition and value.

Spring Persephone

Tree of life mythology

We think there is natural art genetics in every viewer, and at the origin of a commitment to ‘going further’ in both art and life.

Odd images never show crises of confidence in bizarre. It’s really puzzling, but everything is possible with artworks.

The benefits of making pictures are never all or nothing, Persephone said, but instead exist on a continuum.

Art is a revolt against fate

The invisible weirdness of art made visible.

Life isn't weird, it's just the people in it at the arrival of spring. This is obviously way out there in terms of strangeness.

quirky bizarre

Niu-niu ranscending time and place.

Too much care can sabotage your picture.

quirky bizarre

We artists are mythmakers, and we participate with everybody else in the social construction of reality, expressing everything from direct quotations to the unsayable.

Helen Mayer Harrison, Each flower possesses a unique essence, embodying the individuality that lies within each of us.

Persephone captures the transient, fleeting nature of existence through the captivating aesthetic of flowers. Despite their ephemeral presence, flowers hold profound expressions of human emotions.

portraiture fundamental truths

Portraiture tolds us fundamental truths about humanity, identity, passion and desire.

Newer is better.

Sarcastic contemporary art is a transient glitch in the art movements. This simply contradicts factual reality.

happiness is art

Echoing 20th-century discussions around the essence of art in the face of mechanical reproduction, Persephone’s work confronts the boundary between creation by human hand and human thinking.

quirky bizarre

Everyone knows what that a neural picture is supposed to look like, because the miscellaneous imaginarium of culture is terribly quirky, thinking about realism vs idealism art.

weird museum

So much drawing today is animation and the Internet. The picture went against conventions at a very young age and left its comfort zone. All we have so far is theories.