Now, success means being an artist.

Serious art is doomed to fail.

There is no progress in art.

Ilia Ehrenburg

Art that makes you smile

Art that makes you smile, always do what you are afraid to do.

Good art is art that makes you smile, serious art attempts the impossible and is doomed to fail. Quirky graphs have a bottomless hunger for validation. Subjective art makes us smarter.

smiling art for better life

Hermit crab always make you smile.

Essential to becoming exceptional at something is having a passion to be good at something. Assiduity makes all things easy, smiling art for better life exposing the tensions between the flat surface of the work and the painting as discrete object.

Art is full of secrets

Idiosyncratic crabs know where they want to go, no flying without wings. Artists converge in demeanor with the organisms that they draw, without causing you to second-guess the creative pillar you've built your life on.

Dual representation of thinking, the opposing pair of figurativeness versus reckless abstraction.

Archimedes art that make you think.

What makes good art? The proper function of artworks is to live, not to exist.

What makes smiling art memorable?

When you look at good art, it (again) looks back at you.

Don't ask someone else tell you how to be a contemporary hermit crab without shell. Knowledge is power for hermit crabs, assiduity makes all things easy. The theoretical hermit crab keeps my muse active.

Once you can get an introvert to talk a bit more, you'll be rewarded because he's thoughtful and empathetic, usually.

art memories

Two years after publishing On the Origin of Species in 1859, Charles Darwin complained that one lives only to make blunders. And while working on The Grapes of Wrath (1939), John Steinbeck wrote, I am assailed by my own ignorance and inability, worrying that sometimes, I seem to do a good little piece of work, but when it is done it slides into mediocrity.

Best things in life are unseen

I was convinced notwithstanding, by the arguments of this page.

original results must look a little crazy

An alleged scientific discovery has no merit unless it can be explained to a barmaid.

Ernest Rutherford

Maybe, original results must look a little crazy.

seriously humorous

There is no requirement for an art manifesto to be in writing: the purpose of cute pictures is to love and be loved. Bad mimesis should get zero sympathy from anyone.

A good beginning makes a good ending.