naked truth

Subjective art dwell in old books.

Show me an angel and I'll paint you one.

Uplifting sublime is spiritual in nature

The second paradox of art is that it reveals and conceals at the same time. The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.

"Dreaming to build good art atmosphere from silly ideas" does not mean "participating in the contemporary culture construction".

Friedrich Schiller

flat ghosts dwelling in drawings

Picturing ghosts is like chasing the horizon. You keep walking, but you can never really get there.

Looking for making art? Sometimes they want to clarify small things and verify everything in logic, that’s what really hooked me.

wonky pop flowers

A flower such as a tulip, is regarded as beautiful because we meet with a certain finality in its perception, which, in our estimate of it which, in our estimate of it, is not referred to any end whatever.

As a bonus, you become interesting because you do unique things. You don't have to stop thinking logically, because the picture you are looking for are no longer capable of logic, subjective versus objective sublime in art.

If you could say it on your art blog, there would be no reason to paint. Theory is dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control.

research based art

The modern craft movement has fused with experimentation in art and the distinctions separating the arts have dissolved.

The only problem in art is to achieve a balance between the subjective and the objective.

Piet Mondrian

human condition

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.


most beautiful sights in the world

Art is very powerful in that it can communicate strong ideas, emotions and extraterrestrial counsels via meditation. Sublime art is living in a bubble

beautiful necessary delight

The beautiful is an object of a necessary delight.

At first glance, these artworks challenge the viewer through their visual humor, but upon closer inspection, they reveal an inner beauty.The struggle is not just to keep up, but to anticipate a future of rapid change. Rapid change is a challenge for irrelevant art .

Art is subjective

Real ghosts dwell in old books, making there flat representational objects.

Textbooks often lag too far behind the curve to be of help.

perfect human body

It is much more unpredictable.