graphic poem

What does it mean that you can't seem to settle on a single organism to study?, Ambika Kamath

After all, any living creature on this planet has an evolutionary history exactly as long as the evolutionary history of any other living creature, stretching billions of years between the moment when life began and right now.

In God we trust; all others require data

Good pictures prefer to think before acting, because it's impossible to propose a credible solution to a problem that you don't understand. In the art world, you can never be too absurd.

There is going to be a gap between what we would like to measure and what we can measure; acknowledging that "In God we trust; all others require data".

Donkey's years ago, web art pictures experienced the well known oddly compelling trade off between time and space, as well as the necessity for pruning unnecessary details. However complexity is the answer.

More space equals less competition for resources such as water and sunlight, so it's easier for these outer trees to grow bigger and stronger while those on the inside fight it out amongst themselves.

Hidden complexity in art

Our pictures believe exposure to poetry helps to build creative problem-solvers. It's as if they are windows onto different realities.

Where truth ended and poetry began: “Poetry didn’t have to be a thing in the middle of a page with a lot of white space around it, it could be anything: over the page, off the page, anything. Bernadette Mayer

"I think that there is something in the standard art model that we don't understand. This is just the eternal search to explain complexity by replacing it with bullshit in a black box".

Chameleon adjusts themselves to fit into whatever happens to be artsy at the moment.

Art is unpredictable. Simple things not interesting, but this thing is impossible. Forget it. There’s no way, simple drawings are wrong.

You can put lipstick on a complex fig but it is still just a complex fig at the end of the day.

Art is necessary for life.

Crash rhinos rule aesthetics

Lunatic rhinos rule aesthetics, every fifth picture is artsy (like all tools, humor can be misused). Why do people feel they must pick a side? Pick the human side.

Mother and calf rhino (Nakuru Lake, Kenya). Rhino, may live in groups, a phenomenon known as a "crash", they are normally made up of a mother and her calves. A life model who had 84 chromosomes would certainly become something quite unexpected such as a rhinoceros. Specifically, lunatic rhinos use doodles as a lens to interpret the world, avoiding a consistent misperception of the world.

What makes a painting memorable?

The collective art whole acquires resilience and adaptability while becoming hard to understand, even though its components are simple. We must prefer efficiency to brillance, because when the lights are off, brightness becomes dull and efficiency remains alone.

Absurdity always makes sense

Beautiful is complicated, we all love a good puzzle. The easiest questions are still among the most difficult to answer. First, try the dumbest thing that might actually work.

Absurdity always makes sense

Absurdity always makes sense.