What makes art memorable

Memories reveal time’s slipperiness.

In order to start making art, one needs a theory that explains what art is. And such a theory gives an artist the possibility to universalize their art. A recourse to theory liberates artists from the danger that their art would be perceived only as a local curiosity. Theory opens a perspective for art to become universal.

Boris Groys, Under the gaze of theory.

Lizard brain makes strong memory and good art

The comfort zone is nasty for your brain. Feed it the same images over and over because it's safe and routine, and your art-coded neurons literally stop noticing it. Sappy art is gut-wrenching.

strong memory memorable art

What makes art memorable? strong memory good art.

They are programmed to pay attention to what's new ans worth noticing.

Mark Twain

left bug right bug

Do the arts still measure the gap between what is shown and what is meant ?

symbol for kindness

Symbol for kindness. Fear makes strong memory. Neuronal art wake up sleepers.

reality wake up memory

What makes certain paintings memorable on the internet?

These objects represent a bygone era and ideals that are rooted in nostalgia for a simpler time.

A young mistress is better than an old master.

H.G. Wells

The ghosts of our past will always light up our future.

symbol for kindness

Symbol for kindness, the surface meaning and the underlying meaning of what is said are not the same.

Fairies wake up memory

Fairies are potentially the most powerful art device because emotions and memory are built into them.

amygdala activation

What makes cool paintings memorable?

Abuse of insipid images in contemporary art practice draw amygdala activation, and amygdala activation in response to threat-related artistic facial expressions draws affective arousal.

Visual expression is a matter of life and death because memorable paintings are fearful.