What makes art memorable

Art memories

Lizard brain makes good art memorable. Art 精神 can be seen introspective visions of the artist’s subconscious.

I want to make a painting that remembers better than I can.

Josephine Halvorson

Everything is recorded, nothing is remembered.

In order to start making art, one needs a theory that explains what art is. And such a theory gives an artist the possibility to universalize their art. A recourse to theory liberates artists from the danger that their art would be perceived only as a local curiosity.

Boris Groys, Under the gaze of theory millions have this creepy problem.

no way art

Whimsy makes us all happy anyway, being silly does not need special knowledge, insanity often works for us. With that in mind, we hold that abstraction and images are two authentic paths to artistic truth.

Each simple image is a narrative that tells a story full of absurdity and uncertainty.

left bug right bug

Do the arts still measure the gap between what is shown and what is meant, memories reveal time’s slipperiness.

amygdala activation

What makes a painting memorable?

Abuse of insipid images in contemporary art practice draw amygdala activation, and amygdala activation in response to threat-related artistic facial expressions draws affective arousal. The comfort zone is nasty for your brain.

The surface meaning and the underlying meaning of poetically capturing spiders are not the same. Visual expression is a matter of life and death because memorable paintings are fearful.

What makes art memorable

Lizard brain makes good art paradoxically.

reality wake up memory

What makes certain paintings memorable for your lizard brain?

If it’s unexpected, it tends to stick in the memory, as rooted in nostalgia for a simpler time. These little dingbats that matter represent a bygone era and ideals. Theory opens a perspective for art to become universal, a very sobering time of life. Strong memory for good art holding contradictory truths.

Today culture remains capable of endless production, but it’s far less capable of change.

Art does not require an explanation. It prefers to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, and then restore memory again at the moment when it was needed.

Time flies, doesn't it?

This is an excellent thing to remember since we must enjoy each day.

smizing art

Smizing art memory.

The ghosts of our past will always light up our future. Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known (Oscar Wilde).

Change can be slow but also very quick. The end was written a long long time ago. It got straightened out.

What media, techniques, and compositional methods?

Feed it the same images over and over because it's safe and routine, and your art-coded neurons literally stop noticing it.

symbol for kindness

Fear makes strong memory. Neuronal art wake up sleepers.

What is it about certain paintings that make them memorable?

They are programmed to pay attention to what's new and worth noticing.

Mark Twain