why do girls like heroes ?

Why do we like the dark naturalism of heroes?

Art is a personal act of courage. Darkness is the domain of death, it’s also a realm of sensuality and fertility.

Seth Godin

The anxiety around art is a disease of the mind.

fear of drawing

Fear of drawing, why do girls like heroes?

He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.

Put humor first, little details of everyday life become points of wonder.

Whether winsome art can truly have transformative power. Seeing each other in a different relationship to the art world, be it imagined, experienced or remembered because imagination and skill alone don't make art against the futile nature of life.

Graphic design is art

Graphic design is art. Adapt or die, that's where making art is.

Harebrained tutorials, because art is weirdly necessary. Whilst part of what we perceive comes through our senses from the object before us, another part (and it may be the parger part) always comes out of our own mind.

William James, Introverts may need to be drawn out.

mandrake mythical plant

When I have this mark-making, it feels like I just discovered life's greatest secret.

Good life

Why do all good girls like the bad artists?

Painting the life you dream of with every color fitting the whole picture. Do you believe that an oniric point-of-view is showing me the colors I dreamt last night ?

How is metaphor used in art? Visual puzzles designed to fit the theory because humor turns the external world inside out.

Why girls like derring-do?

Why girls like bad boys?

Bad guys succeed only maybe because the good guys do nothing. Art is power, physical appearance is nothing.

Portraits reflect more than an artist’s mirror image that attempts to forge a link between art and life as object to be seen as real parts of reality. However the devil is in the detail, terrible is better.

fear of drawing

Apprehension at being seen naked is normal.

Science and humor gave humanity the power over matter, there is only make. The problem is that art is not a phase transition whereby a canvas or a drawing paper stops being ordinary and becomes terrible in an instant.

medusa myth

Hybrid art–science efforts have gained support in recent years. Perfection and obsession are not the same though they are pretty close. Perfection is different. Perfectionist artists always focus on performance, architecture, and other beautiful things.

Works of art are made of concept, material and feeling.

Kenneth Martin

In a nihilistic page, the goal was to announce nothing. Well, art is interested in alternate ideas, chaos versus order, wax and oil are as different as chalk and cheese. The nonsensical machine is also unhappy with the curator's decision to delay action on the repairs: The problem wasn't on my end.