nude male model for female art class

Nude male posing for art class

Rationalization is the process of constructing a logical justification for a decision that was originally arrived at through a different mental process. Example : attending an life drawing class pretenting only going there "for art sake" while the actual goal is to stare at students who work as artist life models. Art needs no justification, even absurd works.

 postmodern male model

How to pose for art class?

Postmodern figure drawing About fig leaves and drawings, capturing a living image on paper of male posing for an all-female drawing group. Body proportion is not this magic or powerful number that dictates how big or shallow your art going to be.

Henri Matisse, The human figure in art is the greatest unsolved mystery. It’s about time.

This process can be in a range from an external defense against ridicule from others to create a block against internal feelings of guilt. The justification for figure drawing lies within the neurons of our brains, because we need to see to visualize the human body. male posing for art class

the human figure in art going to model for life class

Good art class model is a walking citation

When the most important purpose of art is to raise questions, the art class model raises her hand. Oversimplified body drawing tutorials are why people do not believe in art because interesting art comes from having fun drawing people.

How many vine drawings make you drunk?

adam and eve etching with fig leaf

Capturing a living image on paper of Adam and Eve etching is finally bearing fruit.

Fig leaves are stylized representation of a vine leaf, like fig tree leaves, used especially to conceal the genetic organs depicted on sculptures of nudes. A reference to "fig leaves" might suggest something that camouflages insufficiently that marked a break with artistic tradition. Aesthetics of neo naturalism is a process of negotiation between revealing and concealing. The very idea of painting the figure from life represented a reactionary leap into the past.

How we lives
Why is drawing important?
Sgraffito painting
male duck model

The work of art is a scream of freedom.


The human figure in art needs no justification.

Adam Lindemann

But at the end of the day, when this story is written, these things are the ones that are part of art history. And the other things are just stuff.

It's how you are seen that counts.