why is drawing important

Why is drawing important?

Ideal proportions are uncertain and certain at the same time. We all love a good puzzle. Artistic hotbeds contain more truth than reality.

figure drawing is important for good art

Why would drawing be important to a sculptor? What we found: drawing room models are more important than machines.

Over the year, make drawings that take your mind away from the chaos.

life drawing is why art is important

Why art is important? Life drawing is why art is important.

Rules for figure drawing ? First, look at the model, second, make it simple because sketches are more life-like than painful drawings.

good art theory

Anything out of proportions is good art.

Art is the right middle way between craziness and dull reality.

Auguste Ingres, Art is neither good nor bad, nor it is neutral. Then she’d disappear again into the ether.

why is drawing important

Beyond the question "why art is important in life", rather studying "why life is important in zany art", given the real world, the way things are practicality, and the nature of popular images.

why is drawing important

Studies have shown that each year, our brain has to process about 1/20 more information than the year before. Nowadays, an average person processes roughly a ton of information per day, whereas 500 years ago, that would be the total amount of information consumed in a lifetime.