Posing is living, art is completely personal.

A pose that looks graceful on one body, with individual proportions, might look awkward on another.

Sarah R. Phillips, Modeling Life

life art models

Truth is the daughter of time; acceptance of life as it is, not as it is supposed to be. Models are simplified, but not simplistic, art is love clothed in beauty.

funny irony

Looking for making art? Sometimes they want to clarify small things and verify everything in logic, that’s what really hooked me.

The canvas belongs to those who inhabit it, even the most idiotic pictures ever.

A pose that looks graceful on one body might look clumsy on another.

Life models are useful for studying rules and body proportions involved in figure drawing ratio, but whether they are relevant to aesthetics is unclear. Art is necessary for life.

life art model drawing figure

Life art modeling

The truth about life modelling is somewhat different : "Modelling in general is regarded sceptically by many biologists"

A leopard can't change its spots.

weird drawing model

I want to paint a picture which makes me light-hearted: what should it be about? You are already naked.

I will not make a statement and then put a question mark at the end to make it sound like a question.

swimming naked when the tide goes out

About Warren Buffett proverb about finding out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.

If my question is hyperspecific and meaningless to anyone but myself, what does art do? What exactly are we looking for? Question mark captured all of the questions I have been asking.

Why is drawing important?

The human foot is a twenty-six bones anatomic: Can art ever be innocent? Beneath drawing's daunting complexity lies a simplicity that gives grounds for hope.


People want black-and-white rules.

grounds for hope

Why are they called stairs inside but steps outside?

bare bottom has drawn admirers

The arts matter because they encourage the imagination.

If it was that easy, they wouldn't have come to look for sgraffito paintings. Contrapposto is a pose in which the body’s weight rests on one foot, resulting in a dynamic composition that puts the hips and shoulders at odds. Apprehension at being seen naked is normal.

great bottoms of art history

All the great bottoms of art history are in contrapposto: the Farnese Hercules, Michelangelo’s David.