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Male life model posing for the narrative counterpart of visual representation, memory of neo-expressionism, images are necessary for everything.

Humorous pictures penchant for exaggeration repeatedly placed themselves in extraordinary danger to save weird rat works they regarded as contemporary objects. The causal gene mediating that impact is often unclear.

life model male

"The study of a male nude is also a study of our mortality and an inquiry into the nature of our existence."

Nicolas Africano, "Clothes make the man"

life model female

Art versus Science

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Sgraffito painting
Art common sense
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The neo-expressionists dont try to evade figuration.

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If artists merely wants to perfect their technique, the model-as-object might suffice, but if artists want to create art, they have to accept models as cocreators. Increasing specialization has led many artists to dedicate their entire life to very narrow lines of art. Crossing the line to picture beyond the constraints of everyday life.

S. R. Philips, in "Modeling life", State University of New York press

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I would have liked to draw the moments that little by little make up life.

Henri Michaux