Bad painting, good art

Clothing can serve as decoration for the body.

Remember that art is neither all good or all bad.

No artist's error becomes his own rule and obliges him to persist in it. Being accurate isn't the only desirable characteristic in a picture (Skill is not relevant to art). If that was the case, art wouldn't exist at all. What is the most important thing in art? Frequently life is not fair.

good art bad painting

Raw emotion from our reptilian brain is the magic of art

What's the difference between silly and stupid ? This seems to be a very open-ended question which could have multiple meanings and therefore multiple answers, some of which are far more absurd than others.

We cannot be free of observed reality, without symbolic implications. You are equipped to puzzle out this tortuous visual poetry, bad poems make the webpage appear weightless, buried in the deep web. Bad art behaves as a harmonic mean and is therefore disproportionately influenced by low values.

What makes bad art? Painting has always been the fetish medium of art history.

Van Doesburg, Concret Art

What is art and what is good art?

Does skill matter in art?

No artist's error becomes his own rule and obliges him to persist in it. A mentally strong picture is willing to take calculated risks.

Thomas Hobbes

Trust images more than words

A special beauty in the appreciation of bad art: trust images more than words.

In a feat of artistic wizardry, painters laid down the rules to determine the proportions of the human body. All the drawing methods are laid bare, anyone who wants to challenge classical body proportions can do it. Bad oil pastels are using the divine to sharpen and legitimize their power.

Do artists who draw people like people? Art is any artwork done with skill as the result of knowledge and practice. Bad paintings are interesting, because they choose which rules to follow and which ones to flout with flair.

please do not touch the art

Oil pastel drawing trying to break away from the contemporary kitsch imagery. Their images are packed with animal symbolism. Sloth who taught him many of the crafts and skills he uses in his practice avoid overworked paintings.

quirky happy bunny

Please, do not touch the art.