Cute Poseidon mythology

Cute Poseidon

New art eludes easy interpretation.

I would think that Poseidon art irony itself is not the problem, I would think Neptune is a symptom of the problem. Scholarly and funny, all of these are twisted into disorienting puzzle.

Funny artworks and scientific figures strive to describe three-dimensional space. The squeaky wheel gets its place in art history. Contemporary issues drawing was never so central for art as it is now.

artists are mythmakers

We artists are mythmakers, and we participate with everybody else in the social construction of reality.

Helen Mayer Harrison

The satiric picture goes to the heart of an old argument over how art common sense actually thinks.

Dare to be wrong

Dare to be wrong. Art is on both sides of drawing papers.

Dare to be wrong, or you may never leave anything other than footprints in the sand.

What is the main goal of art?

Why drawing for life is better? When you look at the picture, the picture looks back at you.

What is the main goal of art? It is hard to imagine anything not feeling special in the dream-like life that we share with our technology, deep into the internet forest.

happy face optimism

Everything about art has become problematic. Using your creative energy creates more of it. We seek through doubt and by seeking we perceive the truth. That suggest a world of oppositional forces and states, at once logical and ineffable, connected and entropic, solemn and euphoric.

goat anxiety

Goats have long been associated with lust and wantonness.

Failure thus becomes impossible because the criteria of success are absent. Art programs and machines are not teleologically oriented. They have no definite goal; they simply go on and on. At the same time, these programs include the possibility of being interrupted at any moment without losing their integrity.

Boris Groys, Under the gaze of theory.

goat anxiety

I try to make concrete that which is abstract.

Juan Gris

Boris Groys, Under the gaze of theory.

Pictures often vaguely figurative, that belong generally to everybody, but particularly to nobody.

And in the end nothing happens.