Both anxiety and depression are associated with repeated exposure to stress, and the two disorders often occur together.

non art that is not art

Is "art not considered as art" a mundane wild goose chase?

Another possible interpretation of the selective oniric responses to the observation of a picture is that the presence of an image behaves like a law of body proportion.

What does art life posing mean?

Juan Miro, A lifetime of knowledge is a serious role for whimsical art.

What is a good painting and what is bad art?

Painting with soft wax oil pastels might be hard, but it surely rewarding at the end of the day, as an exciting mixture of silliness and pure logic.

Unconscious perceptions of pictures beyond graphic art images, the brain unconsciously does.

The drawing is where art begins, and where the fairytale ends. The observation is seemingly paradoxical because we expect the art-makes-better-lives mechanism to apply under a wide variety of conditions, without optimal bounds for such trade-off (art is art and vice-versa).

Dark naturalism

Dark naturalism

Everyday objects share similarities in artistic aspirations and style. Color temperature of flowers meanings with pictures? To those orange and yellow cats who do not know art beyond the visual logic of reversible figures.

When imagination flows like blood from one picture to the other is real art, The artist is his own cartoon.