veined leaf art etching

leaf etching

Veined leaf art of the lives of leaves

This leaf is for anyone puzzled by why design inspiration ought to be apparently concerned with the volatility of the lives of leaves. That devil in sheepskin called art criticism and friends of abstract expressionism.

etching as drawing

Etching as drawing, calling for art and life to be linked. Art should be a mystery because the highest goal of any art is only decoration, avoiding seeking for innovation in nonrepresentational art making. Another option is that art energy is not constant but has become stronger in recent eons. Reality is created by imaginative people. The answers he provides in his work are always cryptic and full of irreverent humor and astringent irony.

Zany zinc birds

It is not said that all etchings can be explained mathematically.

Only birds look for urban mythologies.

paradox etching characters

An enigmatic storyteller, printmaker develops interwoven narratives.

Breaking art rules at the toss of a coin, the nature of the work is to prepare for a good accident and its absurdities, such as balance between rigor and wit.

Dreamy life

Howard Cerithium wanted to think critically about what was being drawn, what stories were being told, and how people would experience it.

Night goddess, etching as drawing

Chaos was not not sure that there has ever been such a night-and-day difference in Nyx pictures that turned out to be mythological variation. With his avant-garde work, Chaos's methods anticipated those of later generations famous Greek gods.

Artist as trickster

Artist as trickster, absurd humor must be good art.

Every artist was once an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

hidden etching characters

It is one of the superficialities of our time to see in science and in art two opposites, imagination is the mother of both.

Sidney Lumet: They wanted too teach you things you didn't care about.

balance between rigor and wit

Bamboo ink's tough imaginary view is at odds with its intended message.