The world is more complicated that most of our theories make it out to be.

mandragora visual poem

This picture retains a freshness and naturalism lacking in the cozy website. We have to try, because the rules are ambiguous. Flowers wax poetically.

Damaged roses are dangerous because they know they can survive, this is an exciting time to be alive.

drawing rules are ambiguous

Why drawing poetically? Drawing seriously ultimately lead nowhere.

More important than a work of art itself is what it will sow. Art can die, a painting can disappear. What counts is the seed.

Joan Miró, inked ornamental grasses as stencils.

How to draw flowers

Drawing flowers using quick-inexpensive printing techniques. Pretty flowers cozying up to botanical drawings. Amanda Means' series, leaves.

The balance of intuition and logic has flowers, leaves and roots. The drawings of roses did not appreciate being told what was good and what wasn't. Leading ink painters Liu Dan & Wu Changshuo to be spotlighted in Asian Art.

fragility of life etching

The world is more complicated that most of our theories ("balance and alignment, good continuance") make it out to be. Garden roses are #'0000ff' and ephemeral art is life.

Seethed flowers expressed a strong willingness to engage ambiguity and complexity.