perfect human art

A logical picture of facts is a thought. Body image must be too good to be true perfect human proportions.

The most daunting thing about art is when you feel completely lost, with no clue what you are looking at or why it is important. I am not an artist, but I play one, because truth is beauty.

After making allowances for the fact that artspeak is not her native language.

There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip; her foot speaks. Her wanton spirits look out at every joint and motive of her body.

Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida

Underlying the fundamental use of epidermis as canvas, the study of human nature may be thought of as a neomodernist art closely related to all the other sciences like physics, chemistry or genetics. That proposal has been mothballed, and an alternate project has emerged as a possible front-runner to replace it. The proposal is gaining momentum, uniting organic and formal elements to represent the symbiosis of life and death.

perfect life without clothes

Life without art looking for ideal proportions in books.

Her body in its current form did not fit the prevailing sluglike art system.

perfect people drawing

Human bodys proportions drawing by numbers of the cool Greek god of arts from a laundry list of artistic mythological monsters tailored to neomodernism.

Narcissists strive for a perfect outer appearance to reflect the perfect cool art inner image that obsesses them. Monsters rarely look like monsters. They live among us.

Your body speaks whenever you don’t talk. Body language is a powerful tool that we use to communicate how we feel.

perfect human mermaid

Art, imagination and theory posing for art.

Are these two poles, the ideal and the individual, struggling against one another or are they two sides to the same coin? I'm not a mathematician, but I'm guessing that this is the kind of image that might be involved.

perfect human body

Few pictures would survive robustness tests like these, it is much more unpredictable.

happy and optimistic

Art affects the senses and emotions, humans are visual creatures.

linear poetry

Skill alone don't make a simple painting. It is litterally night and day.

Nothing but warmth and love and beauty.