reasons for not painting

Good art has a slow pace of life.

Whenever you are in doubt, your mind will develop reasons for not painting.

What leaves a silver trail on carpet ? Slow art enjoys a place in your current culture.

Procrastination pictures are notoriously bad at getting things done on time. Arguing about wet beauty is as futile as discussing dry philosophy. Faster is not necessarily better.

Jasper Johns, what I appreciate the most about slow painting is its simplicity. It’s very unlikely. I find this issue to be extremely troubling.

Your computer screen tricks you into thinking that it is as personal as some handcrafted drawings.

A smiling painting is visual happiness without convictions about identity.

fun with drawing because art makes life better

Paintings must let themselves be happier. Even flimsy drawings open the way to interesting things because they dont want to be idiotic at all.

The focus of slow living is all about allowing more moments of joy into your life

Procrastination is the universe's way of saying stop, time runs too fast, slow down.

Ellen DeGeneres, An interest in slow painting.

Art makes better lives

Focusing on the positive side of things will give you more energy to live artsy. Our happiest drawings are mixed with sadness, but slow art make us all happy anyway.