art and identity, Every painter paints himself

In art, appearances can be deceiving.

Art believes that the ways we construct our visual environments, including the ways we present ourselves in the world, are reflections of ourselves. It is not the artwork we conquer but ourselves, but don't worry, our lives are contemporary things.

website identity

Humor is not contempt, humor a way of living on the light side of life, because light is the blood of visual arts.

If you think contemporary art much too much expensive, do it yourself.

... enough money that I could never blame failure on anyone but myself.

Piet Mondrian, p. 226

bizarre self portrait

As they never sign their paintings on the front (like most artists today), the initials are less that authoritative, although they actively participate in blurring the tracks of authority: Every artist is expected to paint his own nature , against the futile nature of life into his artworks.

Because identity is a necessity. Whatever the artist makes is always some kind of bizarre self portrait.

Interdisciplinary drawing

Interdisciplinary drawing coming, accuracy and precision can wait.

Salvador Dalí

symbol for helping

Nothing creates distrust more than art sites that are void of a warm human contact.

"My goal was to take myself out of the picture"