oniric painting our dreams

Dreams make living things with the ability to transform into other beings.

All interpretations open to the viewer remained evasive, shapeshifting and enigmatic.

shape shifting oniric art

Why do people dream? There is no hippopotamus in this room at present but an evolutionary dead end.

shapeshifting oniric art

The devil is in the detail because of the hidden infrastructure of our own grey matter, including the ghosts of pictures after they are gone. The sublime and picturesque neuronal-whimsical answer.

whistleblower protection, science ethics

In every picture, there's a poem; In every poem, a picture. Images need to look deeper at humankind.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The inward spirit of the late modernity of insects in art was a remarkability that artworks made by cute insects are not bugs, but enigmatic oniric things.