The mental roots of visual art and the mind-body problem, the intellect often serves this purpose as does a reliance on it to legitimize or rationalize our actions and our desires. It’s the work of being a human being.

mind and body, being a human being

Mythology connects mind and body

Image theory forms highly flexible structures that wiggle and jiggle just due to creative brain activity of rat critics.

To live life in all its fullness, we have to do art. The brain and mind are one, soul meets body?

the mind body problem

The more mental sweat it takes to draw it out, the more funny it will be subsequently anchored in the paper. Art runs on brainpower but also trust.

absurd drawing

When you look at good art, it looks back at you.

Mind body problem

Mind body problem

Body mind dualism for sceptical or skeptical

From a theoretical point of view, the first stages of perception may be not conscious, and that conscious perception develops from a long-range conversation across cortical regions.

Lionel Naccache

If you think there's a fixed meaning of the word consciousness, and we're searching for that, then you're already making a mistake.

Daniel Dennett

Dual representation of thinking, the opposing pair of figurativeness versus reckless abstraction.

Archimedes art that make you think.

What makes good art? The proper function of artworks is to live, not to exist.

Mind body dualism looking at art

Mind-body dualism looking at "What is not considered as art".

What underlying mental processes are activated when we look at those pictures? An identity shift for many outsider pictures who started making active plans to control their own destiny.

Memorable paintings don't work in a vacuum.