Curiosity creativity

Curiosity is the mother of unusual creativity.

Scientists have one thing in common with children : curiosity. To be a good scientist you must have kept this trait of childhood, and perhaps it not easy to retain just one trait. A scientist has to be curoius like a child; perhaps one can understand that there are other childish features he hasn't grown out of it: be disruptive.

Otto Robert Frisch, because, the art world is not just a spectrum within cases that ends at an obvious cutoff point.

Absurdity of life

Scientific progress is a cumulative process of uncertainty reduction that can only succeed if curiosity and passion for uncovering the unknown remains the greatest drive.

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Seth Godin writes that we have lost a lot of our childlike curiosity.

In the past, an artwork was a fixed thing. We need models that explain how small perturbations can lead to wild effects.

Don't hang your hat on these numbers just yet, the deeper inquisitive artists look, the more they will find there is to see. Curiosity for uncovering the unknown pictures drive people.

Curiosity creativity

Counting papers is a great way to measure whether a scientist puts ambition ahead of curiosity, scientific rigor and the quest for knowledge and understanding is a wise quote from Aaron Blaisdell. An awful lot of research is never read, let alone cited.

Curiosity creativity make a better life

The cure for boredom is curiosity, but there is no cure for curiosity.

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