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Math looking for the everyday art, an off-the-wall structure that clearly can't exist.

Here-and-now visuality feeds the everyday graphical art motivated by a need for attention and admiration as well as by a wish to overcome shame and feelings of inadequacy.

daily art

Artists transform overlooked everyday materials into treasures.

These images square with anecdotal evidence of visual artist being drawn to geometry in dayly lives. It's funny how art is always around you, no matter where you are or go, yet the layman never notices it. A day without drawing is a day lost.

James T. and Carla L. Murray, "Burning New York"

strange everyday people

I would have liked to draw the moments that little by little make up life. I wanted to draw the consciousness of existing and the flow of time.

Henri Michaux, Fortunatis velox, lenta miseris

If you're looking for visual magic, daily art made from virtually any material is what you are looking for.

Because mundane pictures are not pedestrian, but they walk by themselves. Is it done purposely? Art is everywhere around you.

How daily art could be made from virtually any material, even totally and utterly useless?

The essence of art is to find a way, however desperate, to keep artworks alive.

talking, but not communicating

Daily life encourages talking, but not communicating

Art is always around you with astonishing objects and settings, wacky visuals and cool art. Contemporary art theory is craziness because daily life encourages eccentric people to pursue bold ideas and to look for mermaids in real life and the missing beauty, the incredible beauty of all things.

everyday life art in daily life

Imaginative artworks seem to wake up in a new world every day.

wax spirit of Vancouver

Nothing is for free, even art by chance, but the beauty of everyday things. An assemblage of objects from daily life creates a surreal, carnivalesque universe in which characters are caught in overtly scientific scenes that are playful.

No one has time to read all the legend. Our ideas of beauty in art are changing, but we’ve known that for years. Pretty and ugly have been the twin poles of contemporary figure painting for ages now.