postmodernism expressionism

Subconscious drawing

Subliminal doodling, you need to be persistant.

Art is full of secrets, about as useful as a chocolate teapot, practically every picture wants subliminally to attract your focus. Postmodernism expressionism is about striking a balance between ends and means.

Ludwig Wittgenstein philosophy drawing

Every nuance in tone and color in a black and white drawing comes vibrantly to life. Subconscious doodling, subliminal drawing, thought-provoking works that traverse the complex intersections of art and sciences. Doodles are well known not just to embellish, but to make up tales from whole cloth.

W.J.T. Mitchell, Picture Theory, nothing is lost, even when you win, you lose.

doodling drawing from the subconscious

Doodling subconscious images.

If you don't doodle, this means that your brain is as dead as a dodo. Doodling engages the left and right brains to upskill your visual language technique when listening at work. The CoBrA group was particularly interested in children's drawings and the art of those who were considered outsiders.

Postmodern expressionism
Wonderfully human
Eccentric art

Eccentric visual art needs subconscious doodles, form is the possibility of structure, down-to-earth childhood artistic skills.

Experimentation in art: How the resurgence of basic line drawings as a visual art communicative tool can be interpreted as a sign of real-life?

subconscious fear

These doodling lines only mean that drawing is a natural function. When your brain is idle on lack of activity and stimulation, it walks randomly looking out for something interesting to draw about and scribble. What you are drawing simply is your own imagination, existing in a dreamy haze somewhere between funny weird art and chaos.

All painting is abstract

All painting is abstract.

Together, the CoBrA group wanted to go beyond the academic art teachings of the time, and they found the prevailing movements, such as Abstract Art, too rigid and rational. These artists advocated spontaneous and experimental art, and practices inspired by reality drawing.

Aesthetics of art is used to conceal what should be seen, our biology is not our destiny.

What is real and what is not?

What is real and what is not? In life beauty perishes, but not in art. It's difficult to follow your dream; it's however a tragedy not to.

Leonardo da Vinci

All images have an urge to communicate and share their visions of the world and that what doodles means. Pictures dream of ways to do things better and to capture a zeitgeist. Life is beautiful, but not everyone sees it as an open-and-shut case.

perfection is the enemy

A brain lacking sufficient stimulation looks out for something to draw about. Perfection is the enemy.

I have beautiful memories of growing up in a house full of paint and images, characters and stories.

All painting is abstract

Doodling is a proxy for brain activity. Doodling is a way of communicating ideas through subconscious signals and non verbal communication, gleefully mixing highbrow and lowbrow aesthetics.