Trying to fix a funny picture when there is nothing wrong with it to satisfy a migratory duck is futile because the web only is for ducks. That's the point.

duck web art

Good artworks have a strong element of play and fun in them. Manfred Mohr utilizes algorithms to engage rational aesthetics, a practice that invites logic to produce visual outcomes.

That kind of cross-pollination is reminiscent of the way art websites, hired cranky geneticists and theoretical artists to design arcane contemporary artworks. The purple websites these days must have some irrational fear of giving the visitors what they want.

Art for art's sake

"To see" means to recreate, at a suitable moment, a picture created by the mental collective to which one belongs.

Ludwik Fleck

The “secret” for a picture to attract viewers is to be a relaxed, easygoing and entertaining personality. Inked papers reflect the longstanding investigations into the possibilities and limits of human perception.